Paper Airplanes, Hacking Objects, Lasersaur Workshop

Paper Airplanes with BEN SAKSthis is filler text

BEN SAKS is the co-creator and producer of the documentary ‘Float’, exploring the craft of handmade free-flight model airplanes. Ben Saks is in his second decade with indoor free-flight aircraft and has competed in National and World Championships. He holds a Bachelors of Architecture with Honors from Carnegie-Mellon University. His work has been displayed and published internationally, and can be seen at

Workshop: Paper Airplanes – The Form of Flight
Sat 14 April, 2:00pm
Come explore physics, design, engineering, and craft to win a prize at the Paper Plane Design Contest. Transform something ordinary into something extraordinary. Find pictures and plans with descriptions at


Hacking Objects with NINA MARIE BARBUTO

NINA MARIE BARBUTO is founder and director of Assemble, a community space for arts + technology. Assemble envisions a diverse community that creates, connects and learns through the experience of art and technology. Nina’s own media includes architecture, film, sound, and art installation, often with the idea of recycling noise into a system or elevating the vernacular to the spectacular.

Workshop: Hacking Objects
Sat 14 April 3:00pm
Do you like to reuse things? Change the way you use things? Do you imagine that you could rethink an object or thing to be better or just something else? In the HACKing workshop, you’ll do just that! Work with things from recycled elements to LEDs and circuits, transform something old or discarded into a new thing that YOU define!


Lasersaur Workshop with NORTD LABS

NORTD LABS is an international research and development studio founded in New York City by Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger. Over the last half decade, nortd’s open source hardware has been built and used by thousands of people, labs, hacker-spaces and universities worldwide. We believe that people should think globally and build locally. Nortd was founded as an international open source collaborative in 2006, outputting artistic research and scientific development for humanity. More information at

Workshop: Lasersaur
Sat 14 April 4:00pm
This workshop will give participants a brief overview of the open source laser cutter system Lasersaur developed by Nortd Labs. Nortd will also give a brief overview of how to build, run and code a living Lasersaur as well as user modifications and hacks. We will demo livecuts (so please bring your SVG files). More information can be found at Cosponsored by the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry