Lesley Flanigan


Physical electronic music performance with speaker feedback instruments and voice.


Lesley Flanigan is an experimental electronic musician living in New York City. Inspired by the physicality of sound, she builds her own instruments using minimal electronics, microphones and speakers. Performing these instruments alongside traditional instrumentation that often includes her own voice, she creates a kind of physical electronic music that embraces both the transparency and residue of process — sculpting sound from a pallet of noise and subtle imperfections. Her work has been presented at venues and festivals internationally, including Sonar (Barcelona), the Guggenheim Museum (New York), Roulette (Brooklyn), MATA Festival (NYC), TransitioMX (Mexico City), the Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art (Denmark) and .HBC in Berlin. www.lesleyflanigan.com

Inspired by tactile, intuitive qualities of electricity, in Amplifications Flanigan manipulates amplification as a source of sound itself, turning loudspeakers and microphones into musical instruments that resonate with the closed feedback loop between electricity and sound. Building speaker instruments out of wood, scavenged loudspeakers and handmade amplifying electronics, each focuses on a different configuration between piezo microphone and speaker. Since the speakers are small and self contained, the feedback is controlled, and performing it becomes an act of sculpting material into sound.