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CFA Kresge Theatre

BODY DRIFT is an immersive audiovisual performance that uses video-driven animation and multi-channel sound to examine the subtle shifts that take place in the development and degradation of sensory perception.

The work aims to examine our unnoticed drifts in perception over time by creating moments of realization and convergence through sound and pattern. The piece will structurally mirror our growth and evolution of perception with age.

Multiple performers will be on stage sitting or standing in a custom-fabricated rig. From a distance they will appear to be still. As the performance evolves, it will become apparent that the performers are moving on a micro scale; their movements are being captured and magnified on the large projection screens.

An informal master class with Jakob Marsico and Chris Carlson, providing a backstage look at the technologies behind ‘Body Drift’, takes place immediately following the performances on Friday and Saturday.

JAKOB MARSICO is an interaction designer and media artist in Pittsburgh PA. He runs Ultra Low Res Studio, an arts-engineering firm that works with developers and architects to integrate dynamic, experiential installations with the built environment. Marsico holds an adjunct instructor position at Carnegie Mellon where he teaches Reactive Spaces and Media Architecture. He has a B.A. in Religious Studies from George Washington University and a Masters of Tangible Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

CHRIS CARLSON is a sound artist and software developer based in Richmond VA. His work draws from a breadth of experience in interactive music and responsive environments and aims to inspire others to explore and create. Carlson’s app, Borderlands Granular, received an Award of Distinction in Digital Music and Sound Art in the 2013 Prix Ars Electronica and has been recognized and presented by the ZKM Center for Art and Media and Sónar Festival. Carlson holds a M.A. from Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics and a B.S. in Physics from James Madison University.