Body Drift

Performance by Jakob Marsico and Chris Carlson
Fri 03 Nov & Sat 04 Nov
6:30pm Reception – CFA Great Hall
7:30pm Performance – CFA Kresge Theatre

BODY DRIFT is an immersive audiovisual performance that uses video-driven animation and multi-channel sound to examine the subtle shifts that take place in the development and degradation of sensory perception.

The work aims to examine our unnoticed drifts in perception over time by creating moments of realization and convergence through sound and pattern. The piece will structurally mirror our growth and evolution of perception with age.

Multiple performers will be on stage sitting or standing in a custom-fabricated rig. From a distance they will appear to be still. As the performance evolves, it will become apparent that the performers are moving on a micro scale; their movements are being captured and magnified on the large projection screens.